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Thank you for your interest in marching with Lavender & Green Alliance and the Irish Consulate! (If you haven't already registered please return to the home page and click on "Register Now" button).

Below find IMPORTANT LOGISTICAL INFORMATION. Maps of the March route and Irish Repertory Theatre locations are provided on the bottom of this web page. Last minute registrations are welcome – see below for more information.

  • WRISTBAND PICKUP: All marchers require a wristband. Please report to the Irish Repertory Theatre (located at 132 West 22nd St between 6th and 7th Ave; see the map below) to collect your wristband between the hours of 11am to 12:45pm (someone else may also do this for you). We are so grateful to our friends at the Irish Rep for opening their beautiful venue to us on Sunday!


      Last minute registrations may be conducted at this time (11am - 12:45) – see a member of the Consulate team or Lavender and Green           Alliance for guidance. Complimentary Irish Pride t-shirts, flags, beads, badges, and other merchandise will also be available for pick-up         at this time. PLEASE NOTE: after 10:30am, 7th Ave will be blocked off and crossing it will not be possible. To access the Theatre, please         approach from the 6th Ave side, rounding the blockades at 15th St or 19th St.

  • CHECK-IN: Once wristbands have been picked up, all Ireland marchers must report to Ireland’s staging area (section 3, located on 16th St between 7th and 8th Ave) at 1pm sharp. Members of the Lavender and Green Alliance and Consulate team will be present to guide you.


      Ireland float riders must report to the float (on 19th St between 7th and 8th Ave, northern side) at 1pm also.

      As noted above, 7th Ave will be closed for crossing after 10:30am. Please approach the March/float staging areas from the 8th Ave side,       rounding the blockades at 15th St or 19th St.

  • BEFORE STEP-OFF: Before we begin our march, there will be a wait time period of about 90 minutes, during which we’ll have an exclusive livestream by IrishCentral, photography, and more.

      Bring water to stay hydrated during the day. Be sure to also bring sunscreen, eat a big breakfast, and dress comfortably for the walking       and weather. Bags are  to be kept small, or avoided altogether if possible.

  • THE MARCH: The march is expected to last approximately two hours, from our step-off at 16th St and 7th Avenue to our finishing point at 29th St and 5th Avenue. Float riders must remain on the float until it is properly parked!

      Note: the Pride March organizers do not allow the consumption of alcohol during the March. Throwing objects into the crowd is also           prohibited.

  • AFTER PARTY: The lovely staff at the Taproom No.307 (at 307 3rd Avenue on 23rd St) have welcomed the Irish marchers to their bar after the March concludes – a perfect opportunity to raise a toast to an incredible day. Thank you to George Heslin for arranging this!

Thank you to each and every person who’s elected to participate in what’s sure to be an amazing moment in history, when the Global Irish step out to march in celebration of diversity!

See you there!

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